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    Madala Vigil™: Gas Lift

    Madala Vigil™: Advanced Surveillance and Advisory Solution for Gas-Lift Production Optimization

    Madala Vigil™: Gas Lift

    Madala Vigil™: Gas Lift is an advanced operations solution designed for unconventional shale and onshore gas-lift production, utilizing a full-physics Digital Twin of each well. With high well counts per engineer in shale production, it becomes challenging to identify necessary actions for each well. A sub-optimal or malfunctioning gas-lift system can result in significant daily revenue loss per well. Madala Vigil™: Gas Lift analyzes valve health, lift depth and lift performance, providing a quantified, ranked list of opportunities, set-point advice and available value for every well in the system.

    • Identify valve health and faults: Restricted valves bring the lift point higher up in the well, increasing compressor power and reducing rates. Washed valves also bring the lift point higher up in the well by preventing lower valves from opening, also reducing rates.
    • Lift gas set-point advice: The optimal lift-gas rate changes over the life of the well as reservoir pressure and composition changes.

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